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State Prison Nashville, Tennessee 1907 Menu

State Prison Nashville, Tennessee

Our Steward who has had more experience as a prison official than any one here has charge of the preparation of the food for the prisoners which is kept fresh in our cold storage. The following is an average menu which varies with the seasons.


Barbecued pork, apple butter, cake bananas, oranges, barbecued mutton, pickles, coffee with sugar, apples, light bread, sweet potatoes, mincemeat spies, buttermilk, candy ,cornbread.

Breakfast: Stewed beef, Irish potatoes, onions, cornbread and coffee 
Dinner: Boiled bacon, cabbage with vinegar, cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, prunes, cornbread, coffee, beef 

Breakfast: Beef hash with Onions, Irish potatoes, cornbread and coffee.
Dinner: Bacon, peas, green Onions, cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, stewed apples, cornbread and coffee

Breakfast: Fried bacon, fried hominy, raised gravy, corn bread and coffee.
Dinner: Bacon, new Irish potatoes, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with black pepper and vinegar, cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, stewed rice, light bread, buttermilk, coffee and bacon.

Breakfast: Beef hash, onions, Irish potatoes, cornbread and coffee.
Dinner: Bacon, soup beans, stewed corn, onions and cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, evaporated peaches, fried bacon, cornbread and coffee.

Breakfast: Beef stew, Irish potatoes, cornbread and coffee.
Dinner Stewed beef, baked sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes and cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, light bread, buttermilk and coffee.

Breakfast: Beef hash with onions, Irish potatoes, cornbread and coffee.
Dinner: Bacon, kraut, baked Irish potatoes and cornbread.
Supper: Molasses, stewed apples, cornbread, coffee, beef.

Breakfast: Fried bacon, fried onions, evaporated apples, raised gravy, cornbread and coffee.
Dinner: Peas, green corn, radishes, cornbread, buttermilk and beef.
No supper on Sundays 
(Source: Journal: Appendix Tennessee. General Assembly. Senate, 1907, p. 47-47, available on Google Books, Link

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