Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Tribute to James R Bailes's parents and their families

This Memorial Day, I want to share a little about some of my family members. First is the story about Thomas Beals and Martha Emeline White (Greene and Hawkins Counties) who had three sons who served in the Civil War. Allison Woodville Bailes (1841-1911) served in the Confederate Army Co K 59th TN Mtd Infantry, Carter Milburn Bailes (1845-1903) served in the Union Army,1st Tenn Cav. Co. K and John Francis M Bails (1846-1914) served in the Union Army John Francis M Bails served in the Union Army 8th Cavalry Regiment Company I. I can only imagine that having three sons fighting in a war and knowing that they are fighting against each other is a parent's worst nightmare. All three sons survived the war and came back home to Hawkins County. Allison Woodville was paroled at Vicksburg and married Dolly Stacy in 1867. They remained in Hawkins County and he is buried in her family's cemetery. Carter Milburn saw a lot of action with the 1st Tennessee Cavalry, was mustered out in Nashville on 14 June 1865. A year later he married married Sarah M Myers. The lived in Missouri and Alabama before settling in Memphis. Cater died on 13 November 1903 and is buried in the National Cemetery in Memphis. John Bails suffered from permanent kidney damage after being improperly treated for an illness. He mustered out in Knoxville on 11 September 1865. In 1866, he married Delphia Coldwell. John and Delphia lived in Green and Hawkins County. John Bails died at Mountain Home Veterans Hospital and is buried in their cemetery. They are the parents of James R Bailes who married Martha Elizabeth White.

Thomas K Coldwell and Mariah Bussell (Hawkins County)

Thomas K Coldwell was murdered near his home in November of 1861. Family stories say that he was murdered by Confederate sympathizers, and although there is no documentation for this his sons James and Benoni joined the Union Army in March of the next year. In the same month, James L Coldwell (nephew) appointed administrator of Thomas K Coldwell's estate. The Civil War forced many many court case to be put on hold until it was safe to hear pending cases again. Also, the fate of James and Benoni was not known. This left his wife at home with the younger daughters and no means of support. It must have been a struggle, but Mariah and her daughters all survived the war. In 1869, Mariah files a lawsuit to request a court ordered division of land. The estate was not settled until 1877.

Benoni and James made a journey to Boston, Kentucky to join the Union Army.
Benoni served in PVT 1ST Cavalry Regiment CO F. He died on 22 February 186 3 and is buried in the National Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee.

James died a few months later, near Triune, Tennessee. His burial place is unknown.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Greeneville Post Offices 1876

Agriculture in the surrounding county is of late receiving the attention its importance merits and the farmers are being rewarded in better crops and improved grades of stock. The principal products and exports are pig iron, wheat, corn, hay, flax, wool, maple sugar, bacon, eggs and poultry.

Greeneville Intelligeneer _ Weekly: Andrew Johnson Editor and Propr Main See adv
Godfrey W A: propr Godfrey house
Greeneville Union and American Weekly: Sevier & Baker Proprs Main See adv
Harmon VA: lawyer
Harrell Isaac O jeweler
Hughes John V ump mnfr 
Main Jones & Marsh general store
Kidwell & Sons: tanners near by
Lane, JC: harnessmaker
Lane, Thos J & Sons: general store
McCoy, Samuel: blacksmith
McKee, Robert: lawyer
Maloney, RM: physician
Maloney, Thomas: lawyer
Maloney & Self druggists
Ditlsoll,  A : Propr Mason's Hotel
Mitchell, JJ & Son: furniture
Murphy Bros: general store
Noland, NW: grocer
O Brien, James grocer
Park, GB & Co: general store
Pettibone, AH :lawyer
Reeve, MP: Propr Reeve House
Reeve & Williams: general store ES stoves and tinware
Robinson, J H lawyer 
 Smith, EB: physician 
Snapp, SE Co: agricultural implements 
Spencer, JB: Druggist Main 
 Vilhoit, E: general store 
Wilson, AB: lawyer