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This was my favorite place.

Walking around town


More history!
Loudon is a city with a lot of potential.  A nice layout for the town and it is very easy to take a walking tour.  It could certainly benefit by having additional places to shop.

The Carmichael Inn is a very nice building, but it is very close to the bridge and surrounded by concrete, so the site is not very appealing.  I looks at a very large fire station across the street.  The station is very nice and modern, but I would think that Loudon could have found another location for it and used this property for a riverfront development project.  The Carmichael Inn seems to closed and there do not seems to be any other businesses in this area.  It was sad to see such an obvious missed opportunity.

Carmichael Inn from Google maps

Lakefront area from Google maps

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Tennessee Schools in 1915

East Tennessee Schools, my thanks to Pam Mulinix for the use of her photos

Lots of improvements were underway in Tennessee schools:  


Standardizing  textbooks:

Haliburtion's Primer and Haliburton's First reader were recommended for the first grade.

Cover of Haliburton's First Reader, digitized by Google
Read Haliburton's First Reader Here

Improving school buildings:

More school buildings were being built and some of these schools were consolidated schools (combining two or more smaller schools). Consolidated schools were made possible by the use of school wagons. Local farmers were hired to drive the children to school. More of the school systems were starting to build brick schools too.
Boys' Corn Clubs were very popular. Read more about Corn Clubs

Moses School, Knoxville (photo shows later addition)

Modern desks
One room school circa 1910, showing wooden plank desks
Photo Credit: Derek Bruff, Some rights reserved

Increasing school year:

Carter was able to run some consolidated schools for 8 months.
Hamblen County 6 months
Henry County 6 months
Roane County 8 or 9 months
Hancock County 5 months
Hardin 4 months
Grainger 5 months and one week
Greene increased from 4 ½ to 6 months
Maury 8 months
Meigs County needs better resources to be able to run their schools for 6 months

Adding district school libraries:

Claiborne County had the most ambitious plan:

The Items of Standardization as printed below have helped our schools more than anything. The teachers unanimously adopted the following items of standardization for every school in Claiborne County at the County Institute:
1 School graded
2 Library and bookcase
3 House painted repair roof doors windows and locks
4 A flag for every school
5 Cooler and individual drinking cups
6 Time piece clock preferred
7 Globe maps blackboard erasers and waste baskets
8 Broom cluster sprinkler or oil floors
9 Cloak room or racks for hats and wraps
10 Daily schedule posted including study and recitation periods
11 Two pictures well framed and an additional picture each year
12 Call bell for class use
13 Proper seating
14 Proper ventilation
15 Proper heating stove jacketed 16 School improvement club
17 School pig – Who doesn't love a school pig?
18 Activity in Church and Sunday School
19 Attendance at Teachers Meetings
20 Taking and reading at least one educational journal
21 Minimum of three public gatherings
22 Visiting every home or reason for failure
23 No tobacco or alcoholics used by teachers or pupils
24 Personal supervision at play time
25 Neat personal appearance of teacher
26 Flowers on yard table or in window
27 Neat school grounds
28 Sanitary out houses
29 Orderly assembling and dismissing of pupils
30 Reading of the Bible at opening exercises
31 Teachers report to member of Board and Superintendent when absence is necessary
32 Neatly kept register with daily roll call
33 Domestic arts at home or school two exhibits of work from at least one half of the girls
34 Manual training at home or school an exhibit at close of school from at least one half of the boys
35 Inventory showing everything received or added during the year
36 An exhibit to the County Fair

The opening day of the County Fair was given over entirely to the school children of the county. Public school pupils took part in the following contests: Reciter's Declaimer's, Bird House Contest for the boys manual training, Apron Contest for the girls domestic arts. , Prizes were also given for the best General School Exhibit of the first three grades, also for the best General School Exhibit of the grades beyond the third.

 Our slogan for this year has been, “ A Library and School Improvement Association for Every School.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Buckeye for Good luck

 To be completely accurate, he was my Great Uncle.  I called him Uncle, but he was like a Grandfather to me.  He married my Grandmother's Aunt and they adopted my Grandmother.  They helped raise my father and my parents lived in an apartment at their house when I was born.




James Luther Lee was born on March 8, 1885, in Tennessee, his father, William, was 29 and his mother, Lydia Tennessee Marsh (Tennie), was 17.  In 1900, they lived in Wallous Ward, Hawkins co. Children: Samuel( 1882), James Luther (1885), George (1885),Roxy (1889),Molly (1892), Edgar (1894), Myrtle (1896) and May (1898). The family moved to Knoxville sometime between 1900 and 1910. He married Alice Ann Vance, daughter of John M Vance and Sarah Arnwine, on December 3, 1905, in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Uncle would take me out for walk, sometimes to the store and sometimes to his garden.  He always walked very slow, I don't know if he always walked slow or if he walked more slowly because he was holding my hand.  Every Fall, he gave me a buckeye and a silver dollar for good luck.


Photo credit: Hannah M. Gillenwater


Silver Dollar
"Peace dollar" by PAR at en.wikipedia Later version(s) were uploaded by Bobby131313 at en.wikipedia. - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:RoyFocker 12 using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - Link

Uncle died in 1958, more than 50 years ago, but neither my memories or my love for him have dimmed at all.