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Knox County Post Offices 1876


A post office in the southeastern part Knox county 6 miles from Knoxville and 265 by rail from Nashville It is on the French Broad river and is the location the works of the Knoxville marble company It has a Methodist church academy district school. Corn, wheat and bacon exported Stage line to Knoxville. ME Huffaker postmaster. 


Ball Camp

A post office in the western part of county 19 miles from Knoxville and 250 by rail from Nashville. Concord on the E Va & Ga RR is the shipping point.


Beaver Ridge

A rural settlement of 60 persons near the western line of Knox county 12 miles from Knoxville in a rich and productive farming section the principal crops being corn, wheat, oats and barley. Beaver creek affords a never failing water supply for flouring and corn mills and a cotton gin. Contains a general store Methodist church Masonic hall and free and schools. Cereals and poultry and eggs marketed Mail four times a week, SD Teinart postmaster
Business Directory
Butler MDF
Cox Joseph & Son general store
Rule, Rev Matthew A (Methodist)
Trotter miller


Bull Run

The post office located at Heiskell's station a point on the Knoxville and Ohio railroad in Knox county, 14 miles northwest of Knoxville, the county seat. The place was first settled in 1868 has a population of about 150 and contains 1 grist mill, saw, shingle and lath mills, 3 stores, a Baptist church and good common school. Wheat, corn and oats are marketed. Mail daily W D Bittle postmaster
Business Directory
Bishop, J C station agent
Childress, CL grist mill and general store
Davison, Henry blacksmith
Graham, WA General Store
Jones, John T shoemaker
Cox general store
Presnell, EA blacksmith and wagonmaker
White, JB steam saw mill 


Campbell's Station

A post office located 2 miles from Concord a station on the line of the ET Va & Ga RR in Knox county and 14 miles from Knoxville. It has about 50 inhabitants and exports wheat, corn and produce and has a daily mail. WH Roberts postmaster 



A promising village of about 300 inhabitants on the Tennessee river and a station on the ET VA & Ga RR in the extreme west end of Knox county, 15 miles from Knoxville and 248 from Nashville. It contains a number of stores and shops, a hotel, a Cumberland Presbyterian church and a high school in charge of the Masonic Order. There are two flouring mills and a mill in the vicinity. Agricultural products embracing grain, hay, stock, bacon and eggs are exported in considerable quantities. Express Southern Mail, John W Boyd postmaster.
Business Directory
Barnhill, TC blacksmith
Boyd, John W Farm Implements Station and Express Agent
Calloway,_ miller
Childress, Wm mason
Crook, PF cabinetmaker
Davis, Rev BO principal high school 
Dowling, Hugh General Store
Haun, EW millwright
McLin, W 0 carpenter
McNutt, MW harnessmaker
Pate & Russell general store
Payne, Rev J Methodist
Pepper, RB grist and saw mill
Rodgers, ES physician
Rodgers, SC physician
Russell, Rev H Cumberland Presbyterian
Russell, WL flouring mill
Russell SL & Son general store
Saville, Mrs NE hotel
Stone, RT Druggist
West, Rev SB Cumberland Presbyterian 


A village of 150 people settled in 1870 and located on Fourth creek in the southwestern part of Knox county, 5 miles from Knoxville and 263 from Nashville by railroad. It has a steam saw mill, a wool carding machine, run by water power, and a free church. Iron ore, wheat, corn, oats and potatoes are the chief shipments. Mail daily IP Barger postmaster
Business Directory
Barger, IP General store
Helsley II carpenter
Kennedy, WL carding mill
Miller, C blacksmith
Milligan, Barton shoemaker
Wise, GW carpenter



A post office and station on the ET Va & Ga RR in the southwestern part of Knox county 10 miles from Knoxville and 253 east of Nashville by rail. It contains a flouring mill for which power is derived from Sinking creek also a general store, a wagon shop, a Methodist church and a good select school. Wheat, corn, oats, beans, peas and potatoes are shipped. The place was first settled in 1870 and has a population of 75. Mail daily RA Sterling postmaster

Business Directory
Dawson, RA physician
Gheen Bros wagonmakers
Murphy, Rev WB Methodist teacher
Sharp, Gilbert physician
Sterling, RK General Store
Walker & Hackney flouring mill

Gap Creek Post Office (no additional information)


Or Gravestown as it is locally called is hamlet of about 100 people in the part of Knox county 15 miles from to which point s for should be shipped. It is near the head Little Flat Creek from which power for grist and saw mill and a flouring mill derived. There is also a steam saw,  4 stores, 2 churches Baptist and and an academy in the place, Chief exports are wheat, corn, hogs, eggs etc. Mail 4 times a week. TJ Crawford postmaster
Business Directory
Campbell, JC general store
Cox, John general store
Crawford, TJ General Store
George, TWL miller
Gibbs & Neal steam saw mill
Rogers, Rev W A
Rotherford, Rev J H
Scott, Rev J R
Smith & Ousley General Store

Halls Cross Roads

A country post office in Knox county 9 miles from Knoxville the county seat and shipping point. Mail is received here 4 times a week, DL King postmaster


A country post office in the eastern portion of Knox county 11 miles from Knoxville, 2 miles from Strawberry Plains its railroad point on the ET Va & Ga RR and 275 from Nashville by rail. Wheat, corn and oats are the products and with poultry, butter, eggs etc the exports. Mail is received weekly. TP Rutherford postmaster and general merchant



A hamlet and post office in Knox county, 21 miles west of Knoxville and 250 by from Nashville. It is located on the Clinch river which is navigable for steamboats this point most of the year. It contains grist and saw mill Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Friends churches and 2 country stores. Population 30. It exports corn, wheat, oats, potatoes and bacon and has a weekly mail. Ship to Lenoirs on the ET Va & Ga RR. GF Simpson, postmaster
Business Directory
Burnett, Rev MDL (Baptist)
Gallaher, WB General Store
George JS & Bro cabinetmaker
Hedgecock, WE general store


A village and station on the ET Va & Ga RB in Knox county 10 miles of Knoxville and 275 by rail from Nashville. It was settled in 1820 and a grist mill 2 stores 8 churches a free a subscription school. The principal shipments are wheat and corn. Population about 100. Southern Express Co and daily mail. Wm C Bailey postmaster
Business Directory
Arnold, BR physician
Bailey, James W deputy sheriff
Bailey, Wm C General Store
Cardwell, WP general store
Carter, JM justice of the peace
Croft, Samuel tobacco mnfr
Portis, Frank shoemaker
Strong, J H Physician
Troutt, Wm miller
Wyrick, Alex blacksmith

Powell's Station

A settlement of 120 people and station the Knoxville & Ohio railroad in county, 10 miles northwest of Knoxville and 275 by rail from Nashville. It derives power from Beaver creek and contains a grist mill, Cumberland Presbyterian church and high school. Wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes are shipped. Southern express and daily mail. CW Groner postmaster
Business Directory
Bell, RM hotel propr
Brown, Rev JM (Cumberland Presbyterian)
Cooper, Prof SH school teacher
Fite, JA carpenter
Groner, C W & Co General Store
Mitchell, WC Wagonmaker
Munday, Robert boot and shoemaker
Perkin Prof W H school teacher
Presnell, Isaac blacksmith
Ragsdale, J N physician
Runyon, James blacksmith


Also known as Grangeville is a village of 100 inhabitants situated on the French Broad River in Knox county, 9 miles southeast of Knoxville. A tannery, harness shop, Methodist and Presbyterian churches and an academy are located here. Corn, wheat, bacon, poultry etc are exported. Mail twice a week. SG Bowman postmaster.
Business Directory
Bowman Kennedy & Co tanners boot shoe and harnessmakers
Bowman & Smith General Store
Kennedy, W S physician
Mills, Rev JS


A small village in the eastern part of Knox county 12 miles from Knoxville 3 from McMillan's station on the ET Va & Ga RR and 275 from Nashville. It has 2 Methodist churches and a graded school. Wheat, corn, oats, feathers and eggs are exported. Mail 4 times a week, Eli C Skaggs postmaster.
Business Directory
Arnold, BR physician
Gilmore & Robertson tanners
Green, SM blacksmith
Howell, J K boot and shoemaker
Richardson, Prof GW school teacher
Robertson, Rev JA (Baptist)
Skaggs, PH & Son general store
Skaggs, Prof EC school teacher


Spring Grove

A country post office in the 3rd civil district of Knox county 6 miles northeast of Knoxville and 3 from McMillan's station on the ET Va and Ga RR. Love's creek furnishes motive power for a grist and saw mill which with a steam saw mill and carding machine comprise the manufacturing interests. It has three churches Lutheran, Presbyterian and Union and district schools. The exports consist of grain, pork, beef, poultry, butter and eggs. Mail semiweekly. James A Clapp postmaster
Business Directory
Armstrong, RAL wool carding
Buffat, Augustus steam saw mill
Buffat, A grist and saw mill
Clapp, James A General Store
Cox, Rev George H (Lutheran)
Herron, Rev ES (Presbyterian)
Marshall, WLM physician


A post station in Knox county 4 miles southeast of Knoxville and 267 by rail from Nashville. It has a daily mail, J  Anderson postmaster

Thorn Grove

A village in the northern part of Knox county, 15 miles from Knoxville, 5 north of Strawberry Plains, its shipping point on the ET Va and Ga RB, and 275 by rail east of Nashville. It is the location of a tannery, grist mill, 3 churches Methodist, Baptist and Christian and a graded school, 3 general stores and some small mechanical interests are supported. Mail tri-weekly J H Roberts postmaster.
Business Directory
Ayres, Rev R 0 Methodist
Beaman, Prof TC school teacher
Brady, Rev J T Cum Presbyterian
Brooks, James A mechanic
Brown, WD General Store
Davis, Benjamin mechanic
Eakin, James E tanner
Eakin, WG boot and shoemaker
Lane, James boot and shoemaker
Long & Underwood general store
Morton, John mechanic
Randolph, Rev Gilmore Christian
Roberts, JH & Bro General Store
Rutherford, WP physician
Smith, Rev A Baptist
Smith, Rev WB Christian


A village of 200 inhabitants in the northwestern part of Knox county, 12 miles from Knoxville and 275 east of Nashville by rail. It contains a grist mill. saw mill and Baptist church. Exports corn, wheat and bacon. Mail once a week, Postmaster BM Zachary
Business Directory
House, saw mill
Jett, miller
Plirtrie, Job general store
Sutton, JW general store
Zachary, B M Physician

Source: Tennessee State Gazetteer and Business Directory: Link


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