Saturday, May 10, 2014

Greeneville Post Offices 1876

Agriculture in the surrounding county is of late receiving the attention its importance merits and the farmers are being rewarded in better crops and improved grades of stock. The principal products and exports are pig iron, wheat, corn, hay, flax, wool, maple sugar, bacon, eggs and poultry.

Greeneville Intelligeneer _ Weekly: Andrew Johnson Editor and Propr Main See adv
Godfrey W A: propr Godfrey house
Greeneville Union and American Weekly: Sevier & Baker Proprs Main See adv
Harmon VA: lawyer
Harrell Isaac O jeweler
Hughes John V ump mnfr 
Main Jones & Marsh general store
Kidwell & Sons: tanners near by
Lane, JC: harnessmaker
Lane, Thos J & Sons: general store
McCoy, Samuel: blacksmith
McKee, Robert: lawyer
Maloney, RM: physician
Maloney, Thomas: lawyer
Maloney & Self druggists
Ditlsoll,  A : Propr Mason's Hotel
Mitchell, JJ & Son: furniture
Murphy Bros: general store
Noland, NW: grocer
O Brien, James grocer
Park, GB & Co: general store
Pettibone, AH :lawyer
Reeve, MP: Propr Reeve House
Reeve & Williams: general store ES stoves and tinware
Robinson, J H lawyer 
 Smith, EB: physician 
Snapp, SE Co: agricultural implements 
Spencer, JB: Druggist Main 
 Vilhoit, E: general store 
Wilson, AB: lawyer

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