Monday, October 12, 2015

The Milburn apple

Originated on the farm of John K Beale of Greene County, sent to the Agricultural Experiment Station by Eli Marshall, Rheatown, Greene County, Tenn. Fruit large, oblong, flattened at ends; surface moderately smooth, containing numerous fungous spots, color bright yellow; cavity medium in size and depth, abrupt slope, regular in form; stem medium length, rather slender; basin regular, depth medium. Skin thin; flesh white, fine, tender, juicy; flavor mild subacid: quality very good. Season late winter.
Mr Marshall, proprietor of the Rheatown Nursery, writes, "Quite a number of trees over the county bore fruit last year and it is giving general satisfaction. Many say that it is the best keeper they ever saw and a profuse bearer. I have one of the apples in a good state of preservation at this date (April 21), although it has been handled a great deal, and treated rather roughly during the winter.

(Source: Bulletin - University of Tennessee, Agricultural Experiment ..., Volumes 7-11, Agricultural Experiment Station., 1894, p. 21-22)

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