Sunday, June 21, 2015

Civil War Forts in Knoxville: Part 3

East Knoxville Fortifications

Fort Stanley: Captain Comfort E. Stanley
45th Ohio Mounted Infantry
Comfort E Stanley was born to James D Stanley and Susannah Miller on 6 Oct 1836, in Trumbull County, Ohio. He married Mary Cardill on 31 July 1862 in Sandusky, Ohio.
He was mortally wounded in action at Philadelphia, Tennessee. Buried In Knoxville National Cemetery: Link

Fort Hill: Captain John W Hill
12th Kentucky Cavalry
He was killed during the siege of Knoxville on 18 Nov 1863.
He married Mary Elizabeth Stevens on 17 January 1857 in Clarksville, Tennessee. When Mary Hill applied for a Civil War Widow's Pension, she stated that they had three children under age sixteen. (dated March 1864.) 
Buried in Knoxville National Cemetery: Link

Fort Saunders: General William P Sanders
 Brigadier General Chief of Cavalry in the Department of the Ohio
It was named for General William P. Sanders, who was wounded in a skirmish outside Knoxville on November 18, 1863 and died the next day. Sanders was initially buried in the cemetery of Second Presbyterian Church, but his remains were later moved to the Chattanooga National Cemetery.
William Sanders was born in Kentucky to Lewis Sanders and his wife Margaret.

William P Sanders

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