Monday, August 19, 2013

James White Parkway Extension

Meade's Quarry


James White Parkway Extension

Newspaper  headlines on Sunday stating that TDOT's announcement to go forward with this extension is imminent without saying with route they will use, has a lot of people (including me) have expressed their concerns about the impact of the project. A number of of people support the no build option and at this point, so do I.  Link to Knoxville News Sentinel August 18th Article

Link to Victor Ashe's response: Link

Historical and Architectural Survey      Report:  TDOT's Report

TDOT's JWP Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan: Link

Response by Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero: Link 

Metropulse article: Link


Photos are from South Knoxville Parks.  The Urban Wilderness will provide trails to connect these and other wilderness areas South of the River.

Fort Dickerson

View from the South Knoxville Bluffs

Trail in South Knoxville


South Knoxville Trail

Learn more about Knoxville's Urban Wilderness: Link

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