Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Knox County School Success Stories Part 2


Knox County Schools used for housing



Park City Jr High




Park Place condominiums, originally Park City Junior High, built in 1927 and designed by local architectural firm Baumann and Baumann.

Brownlow Elementary Schools





The 1913 brick building built in Colonial Revival style in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood has been empty since the school closed in 1996 until until is was remodeled as Brownlow Lofts.

Flenniken Elementary School




 Flenniken Elementary School was built in 1919 and was closed in the 1990's.  This was a controversial project with a fair amount of criticism from local residents about having a housing project for the chronically homeless in their neighborhood.
 Flenniken Landing will provide low income housing.


Eastport Elementary School


Eastport remodeling project





Eastport School was built in 1932 and was remodeled in 2010.
When it is completed Residences Eastport will provide homes for low and moderate senior citizens.

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