Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where was your family when Lee's Surrendered to Grant?



Hartsell Good: 4th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, died before Lee surrendered to Grant.  He is buried in the National Cemetery in Nashville

William Elbert Milburn: Chaplin Tennessee 8th Calvary, was in Knoxville, Tennessee


John Francis M Bails: Tennessee 8th Calvary, was in Knoxville, Tennessee

Wiley Bailey: 7th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry, was in Athens, Tennessee

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  1. My ancestor's brother, William Hunt, was in the 61st/81st TN infantry.
    "...was in Christians-burg, Virginia when it received news of General Lee's surrender at Appomattox. Here Brigadier General Echols, who was in command of the Department, dissolved his forces, but the 61st, with others from Vaughn's Brigade, crossed the mountains into North Carolina to join General Joseph E. Johnston, reached a wing of his army at Raleigh, were ordered to Charlotte, where they met President Davis and served as his escort to Washington, Georgia, where he was captured, and the regiment disbanded."