Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughts of Spring

Tennessee Florist Convention in Knoxville 1912

Knox Nurseries

Ollie Bean Blackberries
AJ Nelson Strawberries
Rosecliff Nursery CJ McClung III Strawberries
CW Wise Strawberries

Empire Nursery Co Hodge & Deal Fruit

Fountain City
Charles Baum Grccnhouse Ornamentals
Fountain City Fruit Farm Strawberries
OH Tindell Nursery Co OH Tindell Fruit and Ornamentals

Lone Oak Nursery Co AJ McClain Fruit

GW Callahan Greenhouse
CW Crouch Greenhouse
AH Dailey Greenhouse
East Tenn & Miss Orchard Co CO Fowler Fruit
CM Emory Greenhouse
JRH Hilton Strawberries
Howell Nurseries Bruce Howell 10 Ornamentals
Wm A Jenkins
MW Kirby Strawberries
Knoxville Nursery Co NW Hale & Co Fruit and Ornamentals
Marble City Nursery Co AA Newson Fruit and Ornamentals
Benjamin Maynard Violets
AJ McNutt Violets
A Pope Privet

Thos C Schnicke Fruit and Strawberries

Powell Station
James N Hendrix Fruit and Strawberries
RH Hendrix Strawberries
Home Nursery Co S Dougherty Fruit
WJ McElroy Fruit
Standard Nursery Co RC Bell & Co Fruit

Source: Economic Entomology: Pamphlets, Volume 78, p. 25-26, 1912)

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