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Back when Tennessee history was taught in school: excerpts from an early text book

Clarendon Grant 1663
Period I extends from 1663 the date of Charles II s grant of Carolina to the Earl of Clarendon and his associates to 1769 the date of the first known settlement of English speaking people in Tennessee. The subjects treated in this period are Indians Explorers and Adventurers. This period should be thoroughly mastered in its facts and geographical details and its references clearly explained before the succeeding period is taken up.

Period II extends from 1769 the date of the first settlement to 1796 the date of Tennessee's admission into the American Union. The subjects treated under several minor headings are the Settlement and Organization of the State. These twenty seven years embrace the Heroic Age of Tennessee. The period is the most eventful romantic and glorious in the annals of the state with the possible exception of the era of civil war. Judiciously handled it will be of absorbing interest and incalculable benefit to those who study it.

Period III extends from 1796 the date of Tennessee's admission into the Union to 1861 the beginning of the Civil War. The subject treated is The State before the Civil War It is the period of development its constitutional legislative and judicial affairs and of growth from pioneer communities into a great and powerful commonwealth. It is notable for the number of distinguished men it produced and the prominent parts they took in the arena of both state and national politics. 


Period IV extends from 1861 to 1865 and embraces the blood stained years of The War between the States. It should be closely studied in order that our young people who are now so far from the din of that strife may clearly understand the motives of the men of Tennessee who took part in that memorable struggle on either the Confederate or the Federal side. This is due the memory of the heroic dead and to the spirit of true patriotism which has ever characterized Tennesseeans .

Period V extends from 1865 the close of the Civil War to the present. The subject is The State since the Civil War. The whole period is within the memory of all persons over fifty years of age. It is marked by great political turmoil the adjustment of a whole people to a new order of living and remarkable educational commercial and industrial development.


A History of Tennessee from 1663 to 1914: For Use in Schools

By Gentry Richard McGee, published by American Book Company, 1911. You can read the book here

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