Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arnwine Cabin Part 3

Last two residents:  The last two known residents of the Arnwine Cabin are Polly Ann Arnwine and her sister, Elisa Jane Arnwine.  They are recorded in the 1930 census.

1930 Us Census

Polly Ann Arnwine (19 Jul 1854-13 Feb 1931) death certificate lists William Arnwine and Mary Dyer as parents.

Polly Ann Arnwine's death certificate

Elisa Jane Arnwine (11 Apr 1856- 11 Jul 1936) no death certificate has been found.

On the 1910 US census, Polly Ann is listed as the Grandmother of Charlie and Silus Suffridge. (I do not know how they are related).

1910 US Census

In John Rice Irwin's book, he states that the sisters sold their property to their brother Elijah in 1909 and that they kept a lifetime interest in the property. Land bounded at a corner of George Arnwine's estate and John O Arnwine, land in dispute between John O Arnwine and JH Satterfield anf the land of JH Satterfield to a corner of JH Satterfield and WM Payne, then Payne's line to a corner of WM (William) Payne and Willaler Arnwine et al (approx 19 acres).

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