Tuesday, January 14, 2014

East Tennessee Mineral Springs

 Anderson County:
Low's Sulphur Springs, near Fairview (State Health Board)
Oliver Springs

Bledsoe County:
Chalybeate Spring, 4 miles from Pikeville
South Saratoga Springd, 10 miles from Pikeville
Sulfur Spring, 3 miles from Stephen's Chapel

Blount County:
Alleghany Springs, 14 miles South of Maryville, Blount County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)  Link
Mack's Sulfur Springs, 6 miles South of Maryville (State Health Board)
Melrose Spring, PO Maryville, Blount County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Montvale Springs, PO Montvale, Blount County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)

Mount Nebo Springs, near Montvale

Campbell County:
Chalybeate Spring, near Jacksboro (State Health Board)

Carter County:
Chalybeate Spring at Elizabethton, (State Health Board)
Jenkins White Sulfur Springs, (State Health Board)

Claiborne County:
Mineral Spring at the foot of Cumberland Gap

Cocke County:
Carson's Springs, near Newport, (State Health Board)
Patterson's Springs, near Birdsville, Cocke County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)

Grainger County:
Black Water Springs, near Bean's Station, (State Health Board)
Clynchdale Springs, Bean's Station Valley, (State Health Board)
Lea's Spring, near Spring House, (State Health Board)
Mineral Hill Springs, PO Bean Station, Grainger County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Powder Springs, Powder Springs Gap, (State Health Board)
Tate Springs, Tate Springs, Grainger County
Tate's Springs bottle  Photo credit: Rodney Ferrell

Greene County:
Sulfur Spring, near Locust Spring (State Health Board)

Hamblen County:
Three springs near Russelville (State Health Board)
Sulfur Spring (State Health Board)
White's Sulfur Springs, near Witt's Foundry (State Health Board)

Hamilton County:
Gammons Spring, near Tate Spring, Grainger County (1912)
Gladstone Spring, near Chattanooga, Hamilton County (1912)

Hawkins County:
Alum Springs, near Rogersville (Mineral Springs of North America, 1873)
Alum Well, 5 miles East of Rogersville (State Health Board)
Chalybeate Spring, in Poor Valley (State Health Board)
Epsom Springs, 7 miles NE of Rogersville (State Health Board)Galbraith Epsom Lithis Springs, Galbraith Springs, Hawkins County (1912)

Galbraith Springs Hotel  photo credit: Lynne Hubbell Roney

Rustic Spring House, Galbraith Springs  photo credit: Rodney Ferrell

Hale's Red and White Sulfur Springs,Hale Springs PO, Hawkins County (Rodney Ferrell)and (State Health Board)
Klipert's Spring, near Hale Springs
Kyle springs, Hawkins County (Rodney Ferrell)
Mooresburg Springs, near Mooresburg, Hawkins County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Price's Springs on Stone mountain, Hawkins County (Rodney Ferrell)
Wright's Epsom Lithia Springs, near Mooreburg and 4 miles from Galbraith Springs, Hawkins County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)

James County:
Mineral Springs

Jefferson County:
Banner's Springs, 4 miles from Dandridge (State Health Board)
Canwood or Cawood's Springs, near Dandridge, Jefferson County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Chalybeate Spring, 10 miles South of Dandridge, (State Health Board)
Chalybeate Spring, at Mill Springs, (State Health Board)
Copeland Springs, near White Pine, (State Health Board)
Mineral Spring, near Chestnut Hill, (State Health Board)
Shady Grove Springs, 4 miles South of Dandridge, (State Health Board)
Sulfur Springs, 4 miles South of White Pine, (State Health Board)

Knox County:
Dixie Springs, across from Tennessee River, Knoxville, Knox County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Lincoln Park Mineral Springs

Photo credit: CharmaineZoe
Mineral Spring in Poor Valley, (State Health Board)
Neubert Spring, near Knoxville, Knox County
Whittle Springs, Whittle Springs, Knoxville, Knox County

Loudon County:
Price's Chalybeate Spring, 6 miles from Erie, (State Health Board)

McMinn County:
Chilhowee Spring, Chilhowee Mountain, near Williamsburg, one mile South ofKimbrough's store(State Health Board)
Cooper's Springs, 1 1/2 East of Kimbrough's store, (State Health Board)

Monroe County:
White Cliff Springs, in Chilhowee Mountain, 16 miles from Mouse Creek, (State Health Board)

Rhea County:
Brown & Boyd's Spring, 5 miles from Pikeville, (State Health Board)
Morgan Springs, 6 miles from Pikeville, (State Health Board)
Norwood Springs, 1 1/2 miles from Pikeville. (State Health Board)
Rhea Springs, Rhea Springs,

Scott County:
Sulfur Spring near Huntsville. (State Health Board)

Sevier County:
Chalybeate Spring, in Wear's Valley, South of Sevierville, (State Health Board)
Glen-Alpine Springs, PO Newport, Sevier County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Henderson Springs, Henderson Springs PO, (State Health Board)
Line Spring, PO Line Spring, Sevier County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)

Sullivan County:

Avoca Spring, near Bristol, (State Health Board)
Brown's Springs, near Union Depot, (State Health Board)
Chalybeate Spring, (State Health Board)
Glover's Springs, near Union Depot, Sullivan County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)
Sulfur Spring, near 8 miles East of Blountville. (State Health Board)
Sulfur Spring, 5 miles West of Union Depot, (State Health Board)

Unicoi County:

Unaka Springs, PO Unaka Springs, Unicoi County (Mineral Waters of the United States 1899)

Union County:
Mineral Spring on Clinch River, (State Health Board)
Mineral Spring, 6 miles North od Maynardville. (State Health Board)

Washington County:
Austin's Springs, Austin's Springs PO, (State Health Board)
Chalybeate Spring, (State Health Board)
Yeager's Springs, (State Health Board)

Unknown County:
Warm Spring, on the French Broad, near North Carolina (Mineral Springs of North America, 1873)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hoppin' John and Old Christmas

Every New Year's Day we have black-eyed peas and greens. Eating these is supposed to bring you luck. Where I live, this is pretty common fare on New Year's Day. Someone remarked they were not suspicious. This is not about being superstitious, the is tradition.

We have Hopping John, greens and tomato pudding.

Hopping John

Tomato Pudding

"Today, hardly anyone knows of Old Christmas. But, the elder bushes and the animals of the barn and field have surely not forgotten..." (from the Tellico Plains newspaper) Elder bushes bloom on the ground and you need to give carrots or other treats to animals in the barn. At midnight, the animals kneel down to pray and sometimes you can hear them talk.

Too many people are in a rush for Christmas to be over. This date goes back to the Julian calendar which was replaced in about 1751 by the Gregorian calendar which was a more accurate calendar. In order to accomplish this, the calendar was moved ahead by several days in September. Some people were upset by the “missing” days and they decided to celebrate Christmas as it had been celebrated before the calendar change. Old Christmas is on the sixth of January.

There are many superstitions associated with this day such as not washing clothes or sweeping. Also, a woman should not leave the house until a man has entered that door from the outside. I am pretty sure that I will not observe the last one because when Miss Bailey wants to go out, she wants to go out now. She does not care whether or not a man has entered the house by this door.

Long after my friends have taken down their trees and packed away the decorations Several friends have starting decorating for Valentine's Day, but I will continue to leave my Christmas tree up and my candles in the windows until after Old Christmas.

Ancestor Tree